Jul 3, 2019


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About the Course

Providing comprehensive dental treatment for pre-school children with carious lesions is probably the greatest challenge facing pediatric dentists, where injuries can progress and cause pain or acute infection. Many choose to hospitalize a child and provide treatment under general anesthesia. However, there are other conditions that make this option inaccessible. Hospital treatment also entails substantial costs beyond dental treatments, so carrying an intravenous sedation program may be another option as an alternative to general anesthesia that allows qualified dentists to provide comprehensive dental treatment to children in a safe manner. and efficient in the field of private practice.

An expert in the area of pharmacological management of the child is Dr. Milnes, who has been dedicated to oral sedation of children in the dental office to facilitate their dental care. Considered among respected and recognized leaders, educators, clinicians and researchers in the field of sedation, it reflects the practice based on more recent evidence and clinical experience, provides guidance and offers a wealth of consistent and useful advice.

What you will learn

The participant will learn some techniques in contemporary sedation of children for the Dental Practice, and the process will be comprehended with the description step by step the essential component of a sedation; medical history, systems review and physical examination of those in which the main interest is to describe the   normality state for healthy systems. In addition, the common variations that will help the professional decide if more research is required before continuing with the treatment to meet the goals of the behavioral goal.

  • Alan Robert Milnes (Canada)


    Alan R Milnes DDS, PhD, FRCD(C) Pediatric Dentist   University of Toronto, DDS and Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Pediatric GPR University of Manitoba, Faculty of Dentistry, PhD, Oral Biology – A longitudinal investigation of the microflora associated with developing lesions of nursing caries – 1987 Miami Valley

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