Marlies Elfrink (Netherlands)


She received her dental degree from Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands in 2004. In 2007 she finished the 3-years-master program in paediatric dentistry at ACTA (Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam), the Netherlands. On 1st of June 2012 she received her PhD for her research on Hypomineralised Second Primary Molars (HSPM).

Nowadays she works in her dental practice Mondzorgcentrum Nijverdal (The Netherlands) and participates in the Paediatric Research Project (PREP).

She regularly writes articles on her research projects and she presents it at national and international conferences.


“HSPM – an increasing problem? Epidemiology and Management of HSPM”

What is new:

More prevalence studies are available now about HSPM and the prevalence seems to increase. Reasons for this will be discussed. An update on the possible aetiological factors of HSPM. New research on the enamel of HSPM gives starting points for the treatment / management of HSPM-molars

Learning objects:

– to gain more insight into the global prevalence of HSPM,

– to know the possible etiological factors of HSPM and

– to learn how to make treatment decisions in HSPM children