Juan Fernando Yepes (Colombia)


Degrees and Training:

  • D.S. and M.D. from Javeriana University, Bogota, Colombia
  • Fellowship in Oral Radiology from the University of Iowa
  • Oral Medicine certificate from the University of Pennsylvania
  • P.H. (Epidemiology) from the University of Kentucky
  • Dental Public Health Certificate from Baylor College of Dentistry
  • S. in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Kentucky
  • DrPH (Epidemiology) from the University of Kentucky

Board certifications:

  • Diplomate American Board of Oral Medicine
  • Diplomate American Board of Dental Public Health
  • Diplomate American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Fellow in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Research Interest:

  • Oral health access
  • Risk factors of dental caries in vulnerable populations
  • Outcomes research
  • Radiation protection in children