Jul 3, 2019


Room: Cozumel 3 & 4

2:45 hours

Jae Park and Germán Ramírez Yañez

“Early Class II Management with minimplants.”

– About the Course

The course taught by Park will be one of the most attractive, in the area of orthodontic treatments for the patient at an early age. If we analyze his academic trajectory in time and the 191 publications and 4 research projects, we will see that as an orthodontist and clinical researcher and of basic sciences he will contribute in this course concepts of great relevance for the education of the Pediatric Dentist. All this in a context under the congress slogan “Where the past meets the future” projecting its knowledge from where we are and where we are going, future that has already reached us.

– What you will learn

The course will focus on the early treatment of Class II malocclusions complemented by the changes that occur in the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), with myofunctional mechanics and anchoring with mini-screws. Other topics that we will learn from him, will be based on prediction variables of adolescent growth patterns with variation in growth, three-dimensional evaluation of changes in airways after orthodontic treatments among others.

  • German Omar Ramirez Yañez (Canada)

  • Jae Hyun Park (South Korea)

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