Pre-Congress 2 (Continue)

Jul 3, 2019


Room: Cozumel 2 & A

2:45 hours

Marcos Vargas

“On going session.”

– About the Course

To produce restorative dentistry of the highest clinical quality, it is necessary to go through a necessary process that requires a lot of time and many ingredients, but it is essential to have good teachers as is the case of Vargas. Not only is it enough to possess the treasure of knowledge, but also to be willing to share it; assuming the intellectual height of the one who teaches by example and makes them contain, together with the soul, the ambition to grow, the generosity of guiding and encouraging his disciples to achieve success one day.
This course presents one of the greatest exponents within their respective discipline, where we are sure that it will generate inspiration, amazement and admiration in the participants by getting involved both visually and intellectually with their presentation.

– What you will learn

Vargas will teach us how it is the step-by-step restorations of anterior and posterior teeth, with an aesthetic that will make them visually imperceptible through direct composite resins application. He will cover topics such as the properties and optical characteristics of composite resins, their handling assuming preoperative conditions and expectations of patients, the selection of color applied to the type of restorations among others. Techniques that will be presented step by step in the rehabilitation of fractured edges, until the reconstruction of young anterior teeth with direct veneers.

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