Jul 3, 2019


Room: Cozumel 3 & 4

3 hours

Jae Park and Germán Ramírez Yañez

“Early Management of Malocclusions: Is it possible to avoid FuII Orthodontics?”

– About the Course

The course is oriented to learn the way to redirect the cranio-cervico-mandibular growth and development of the child within the physiological patterns, leaving enough space for the eruption and the correct alignment of the permanent teeth in the dental arches. The knowledge and experience of Ramirez in the matter will show us how the Paediatric Dentist can offer techniques designed for the treatment of malocclusions in the primary dentition, avoiding the replica of techniques that are frequently performed in the permanent dentition.
In the course he is going to present, the bases of the early treatment of malocclusions and the techniques that allow treatment in the primary dentition, guiding  the child to a normal natural physiological growth and development.

– What you will learn

At the end of the course the congressman, may obtain information based on a philosophy of treatment of malocclusions in a primary and early mixed dentition. This will allow to enter a second phase of treatment with a better prognosis and stability in the results of the cranio-cervico-mandibular system or even reaching the permanent dentition to ensure that a second phase is not carried out.

  • German Omar Ramirez Yañez (Canada)

  • Jae Hyun Park (South Korea)

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