Jul 3, 2019


Room: Xcaret

3 hours

Dr. Mohammad Mansoor and Dr. Alan Milnes.

“Pharmacological challenges in small children.”

– About the Course

This course addresses the contemporary challenge in the management of behavior, its pharmacological strategies and the safety of general anesthesia in children. This will be lectured by an authority on the subject Dr. Mansoor.

Many children undergo oral rehabilitation procedure every year to alleviate pain, restore oral function and improve their quality of life. In this talk, participants will learn how to minimize the risk of general anesthesia for the growing young child based on the latest evidence studies in animals and humans.

– What you will learn

Dr. Mansoor, with his professional experience as a pediatric dentist, will highlight his recommendations in the management of behavior, his pharmacological strategies in general anesthesia with a strict pediatric protocol, as an integral component of pediatric dentistry to increase the effectiveness and child safety control.

  • Alan Robert Milnes (Canada)

  • Mohammad Mansoor (United Arab Emirates)

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