Traumatic Dental Injuries In Children And Sports Dentistry (Indian Scenario)

Jul 6, 2019


Room: Cozumel I

1:30 hours

Mridula Goswami, Shobha Tandon, Nitesh Tewari & Divya Sharma.


Traumatic Dental Injuries in primary and young permanent dentition is one of the first cause of emergency visit to a hospital for children. The dental trauma can occur as early as 12 months of age and is more common before 3 years. They have also shown to have another peak in boys at 9-11 years of age. These injuries not only affect the children but are psychologically traumatic to the parents and caregivers. Since primary teeth are more susceptible to luxation injuries while young permanent teeth suffer from crown fractures. Sports injuries and falls have been attributed as most common causes of TDI while most common sites have been home and play grounds.

Factors as delayed reporting after trauma, combination injuries and lack of awareness for TDI prevention and emergency management have been established to complicate the management of TDI. The combination of frightened un cooperative child, anxious parent and blood-filled injury site creates a difficult scenario for the dentist attending the emergency. Similarly, the thorough knowledge of etiopathogenesis of adverse sequelae is necessary for improving the predictability in management.

This symposium aims to highlight the unique aspects of TDI, role of sports dentistry in trauma prevention and etiopathogenesis & management of adverse consequences of delayed reporting.


  • Dr. Divya Sharma (India)

  • Dr. Shobha Tandon (India)

  • Dr. Mridula Goswami (India)

  • Dr. Nitesh Tewari (India)

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