Dr. Guadalupe Gómez

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She is a Pediatric Dentist graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica de Mexico (UNITEC).

Was born, raised and lives in Mexico City. Married and a mother of 1 daughter and 3 sons.

Has a 26 year private practice in Pediatric Dentistry which is combined with a non-profit practice.

Was an adjunct professor of Pediatric Dentistry in the school of Dentistry at UNITEC, and professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Centro Educativo Tomas Moro.

Taught for 2 years as an adjunct professor on post graduate course “Dental attention for Persons with Special Needs”, at the Universidad Anahuac del Mayab.

She is certified by the Mexican Board of Pediatric Dentistry and has been a member of the board of The Mexican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for several years, and is a committee member of the Mexican Board of Pediatric Dentistry.