Posters and Oral Presentations Abstract Submission

The accepted abstracts will be for Poster or Oral Presentation.
All abstracts will be forwarded for peer review.
It is a prerequisite that the presenting author be on IAPD member and register for inclusion in the program.
Authors who submit an abstract but fail to register by March 31st, 2019 will be removed from the program.

Guidelines for Poster and Oral Presentation Submission  


  • Poster or oral presentation should be submitted via the on-line submission system only.
  • All posters or oral presentations must be submitted and presented in English.
  • All oral presentation or posters submitted online and will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and notification of acceptance will be sent by email.
  • To correct/change a poster or oral presentation that has already been submitted or to submit another poster/oral presentation, please use the log-in and password which you received when you submitted your original poster/oral presentation. This will enable you to access the previously submitted poster/s or oral presentation/s and to submit an additional poster/s or oral presentation/s.
  • Modification of posters or oral presentations will not be possible later than the above deadline.
  • The abstract body must structured with the following:

a) Study Design, also referred to as Methods and Materials;
b) Results;
c) Conclusions;
d) Basic References cited.

Will only be accepted posters and oral presentations that be submitted in the following topics:

  1. Preventive dentistry;
  2. Dental anomalies;
  3. Behavior Guidance;
  4. Epidemiology/dental public health;
  5. Dento-alveolar trauma;
  6. Orthodontics/craniofacial growth and development;
  7. Periodontology/microbiology;
  8. Restorative dentistry (including endodontics/operative procedures/dental materials);
  9. Social science research (including quality of life);
  10. Oral surgery/oral medicine/oral pathology;
  11. Education/service evaluation/audit;
  12. Basic science research;
  13. Diagnosis/imaging.

Deadline for Submission: March 31st, 2019

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