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Cancún, the fastest growing destination

Mexico, Nov. 9 (Notimex).- Cancun is the most sought beach by tourists from Latin America revealed a study conducted by the metasearch engine of flights and hotels Viajala.

It should be noted that the firm conducted a study that analyzes the tourism industry in Latin America and Mexico, to find which destinations grow the most by country, including the variation of prices and searches for each place.

The analysis indicated that Cancún holds the first international position in the Viajala Colombia Barometer, since Mexico has always been an attractive destination for them, due to the elimination of the visa and the increase in the supply of flights between the two countries.

In a statement, it said that Cancun is the eighth fastest growing destination nationwide, with an increase of 15.10 percent of searches.

Similarly, it added, is the most sought after city in Puebla for the second year in a row; the seventh with the highest growth in searches from Guadalajara, with an increase of 48.2 percent and the eighth with the highest advance from Monterrey, of 38.7 percent.

“Something that also stands out in the Cancun Barometer, is the increase in searches from and to Tijuana, which indicates the growing interest in the destination by the United States,” it said.

Lise Vives, country manager of Viajala Mexico, highlighted that the barometer in Mexico shows the growth that the north of the country has had in the last year and, therefore, of the business trips.

“In this sense, we see great opportunities for Mexico to consolidate the bleisure trend, that is, the combination of work and pleasure trips,” he said.

In addition, he added, “we are very excited that Cancún has been selected in the first place of the Viajala Colombia Barometer, this is a destination that is consolidated each year as one of the main tourist spots not only in the country, but in Latin America.”

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